What happens in Adhara?

We work with each person’s individual posture. Our work is exclusively to improve the unhealthy postures that people adopt, because of bad habits, work restrictions or emotions expressed through our bodies.

Do you manipulate bones to improve the posture?

No, we don’t touch the bones. To get rid of bad posture we restore the muscles to their original form, so that the fibres of the musculature gain length. Restoring a more natural muscular equilibrium allows the bone structure to access to the spaces that are needed in the joints for correct functioning.

I want to start realigning my body with Adhara. What do I have to do?

Contact us on the telephone +34 948267653. With no obligation to continue we will give you an appointment to evaluate your posture free of charge. After the evaluation we will propose a treatment schedule to begin treating your needs.

What happens in the individual sessions? How much do they cost?

Individual sessions are usually offered for more serious postural deformations. In these sessions we use the methods designed and outlined in the Ripodas method, including guidelines and exercises to use at home. The cost of each individual session of Posture Realignment is €35-40.

What happens in the group sessions?

The group classes are given once per week and are 2 hours long. In each session you will be offered training both in the theory and practice of the method of Postural Realignment. In some sessions we will work a more global approach to posture, in others more specific work will be required, always focused exclusively on the needs of the individual participants. The classes consist of a period of relaxation, another of self massage (with tubes and balls of different sizes) and a period focused on stretching and improving your flexibility. The cost varies depending on the teacher between €40–50 per month

My lower back hurts, my shoulders…. is this work suitable for me?

When we evaluate the very individual case of your posture we will make a unique assessment of your body. If we see that there is misaligned posture then we can help you. If there is not, for example in the case of a musclular trauma without postural impalance, this requires the work of a physiotherapist or other specialist as it is not our area of work.

Our work treats the incorrect postures that generate and accumulate in our bodies through the postures that we assume in our daily lives. For example: in a factory or working on the computer… additionally, as a natural part of the aging process, after the age of 40 our bodies deform and curves deepen in many aspects. Postural Realignment achieves very good results in the overwhelming majority of our clients.

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