We perform intensive courses where we teach the theoretical foundations of our technique and exercises and stretches that correct wrong postures. Generally we work with companies where employees spend lot of time sitting or in the same position for an extended period of time, as are situations that oftenly present some kind of deformation or postural bad habit.

These postural deformities, held during working time usually cause muscle shortening that narrow hollow spaces between the joints. Furthermore, if they are asymmetric postures these contractions cause the imbalance of bone anatomical structures. These two agents are the causes of discomfort and can cause future pathologies.

In this course, the posturologist will carry out an study of working shapes at your company and will perfom the course focused on:

-Dissolution of posture bad habits already instaured.

-Correction of postures and harmonizing of the body shapes of attendants.

-The necesary information for the members of the course so they will be able to keep a certain prevention and a right posture by developing at the same type of work , with no need of modifying the work enviroment.

The number of attendants to the course can fluctuate between 12 and 20 people, and the duration of the course is about 16 hours.

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