When somone comes to our centre, we follow these steps:

1. Postural analysis, in which we assess your body and help the client to become aware of their unique postural form. (this is a service we offer free of charge or commitment)

2.We make explicit the relationship between the misalignment and the discomforts that you may experience.

3.Treatment modality: Groups, Individual sessions, home therapy and online consultations.

4. We choose the exact techniques that will restore your muscular and postural balance. We use self massage techniques based on our method, individually or in group sessions. We teach exercises to improve flexibility that are specifically designed using our method that exclusively adjust the enchainments outlined in the Ripodas method, so that our bodies reorganise themselves and recuperate their natural uninhibited function.

5. We teach the client how to realign and maintain their physical form so that in the future they can be healthier, with more correct postural habits.

I have seen in my experience with thousands of cases that incorrect posure is not fixed permanently. It is a question of attitude and poor habits due to restriction in the work environment and how we organise ourselves in the rest of our time. It is all correctable, and practically everyone can have a better posture, freeing themselves from the excess tensions of the locomotive system.

He visto a lo largo de miles de casos que la postura errónea no está determinada. Es una cuestión de actitud y de vicios posturales, debido a nuestras posturas laborales y el posicionamiento ante la vida. Todo esto es corregible, y prácticamente todas las personas pueden mantener una postura más correcta y liberarse de las tensiones del sistema locomotor.

—Nekane Rípodas

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